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Stained Concrete

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Stained concrete floors are beautiful, durable, environmentally friendly, and they offer relief to allergy sufferers. Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction is skillful and experienced in all kinds of residential stained concrete flooring, whether you are looking for acid stained concrete or water based concrete staining.

Because of its many benefits, stained concrete floors are quickly becoming one of the most popular applications for transforming your flooring. Homeowners, designers and builders alike are all drawn to stained concrete floors because of the unique results that can be achieved combining colors and techniques. The results are only limited by your imagination, and by the skill of your stained concrete contractor. Feel confident choosing the stained concrete flooring specialists at Highland Meadows for your next residential flooring project. Our long line of happy customers testify to our skill and expertise when it comes to concrete floor staining.

Staining concrete floors truly does combine the best of both worlds- functionality and beauty. Acid Stains or Water Based Stains permeate your concrete to infuse it with rich, deep, and translucent tones. These stains impart a luxurious richness that simply cannot be achieved by any other means. Depending on the color that you choose and the method of application chosen, the results can mimic anything from natural stone, polished marble, tanned leather or even stained wood.

Concrete floors have many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • Your Health- Stained concrete flooring offers relief for allergy sufferers. Carpet can house millions of dust mites, pounds of dust and hair, as well as mold. Although better than carpet, even wood floors also can get damp and hide mold between the planks of wood and underneath. The grooves in between the wood and even the subtle grain of the wood provides a convenient place for dust, dirt and hair to settle. Stained concrete provides a completely smooth surface with no hiding places to harbor bacteria, dust, or unwanted pests. It also repels water and will not encourage the growth of mold. New water based concrete stains are low or no odor for those who are especially sensitive to any fumes during the application process.
  • The Environment- Stained concrete is a green choice because it is slow to heat up and slow to cool down. It typically maintains a persistent temperature, promoting lower utility bills. Also, since your foundation is already THERE, you are not cutting down trees or buying products such as carpet or engineered wood, which require a large amount of energy to manufacture. Also, concrete is there forever. You will not be pulling it up and throwing it in the landfill later as you eventually will have to do with a wood, tile and carpet, when it reaches the end of its life.
  • Durability- Few materials are as durable as concrete. Carpet has a short life span and is expensive (not to mention a burden) over the years to replace time and time again. Wood can fade, scratch, chip, and pull up. Tile can break, crack, chip and be scratched also. Both carpet and wood are damaged by water and other spills. Your investment in durable stained concrete flooring will give you the most value for your money since it can last a lifetime.
  • Easy to Maintain- Just sweep and use a damp mop. There is nowhere for the dust and dirt to hide. No need for chemicals or harsh cleaning products.
  • Beautiful and Diverse- You can enjoy a rich, leathery appearance or the look of marble or stone for that old world look. You may instead have an urban loft and prefer a more ultra modern color and look. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity. Choose any color and any effect.
  • Easy on the Budget- Since you will not have to replace the concrete again and the stain can last a lifetime, you save money in the long run. Even up front, for new construction, the cost of stained concrete flooring is about half the cost for hardwood floors.

At Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction, we can stain the concrete floors in any room in your house, whether it be the living room, family room, office, master bedroom suite, secondary bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, hallways, loft, etc.
A growing number of residential clients are asking us to stain their entire first floor because they want to rid themselves of unhealthy carpet or upgrade the existing flooring and contribute to the general flow of the house. We also can stain outdoor areas such as garages, porches and patios, which helps to extend the indoor livable space outside.

Two Types of Concrete Stains:

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of concrete stains.....Reactive (acid based concrete stains) and Nonreactive (water based concrete stains). The acid based stains are solutions that contain metallic salts. The salts react with the lime contained in the concrete and form a permanent bond. This chemical reaction creates the color. It yields or forms colored compounds that are now a permanent part of the concrete itself. Most acid based stains come in 8 or 10 color choices that are earth tones, such as browns, tans, light greens, terra cotta, etc. All of them yield beautiful results.

By contrast, the water based concrete stains do not rely upon any chemical reactions in order to color the concrete. Instead, they are absorbed by the concrete and penetrate the surface to deposit the pigment particles in the pores of the concrete. Since they do not rely upon a chemical reaction, they are more predictable, they come in a much wider selection of colors, they are easier to apply, and they do not contain the potent and powerful fumes that the acid based stains contain. The variegated marbled effect can still be obtained with water based concrete staining by simply applying more than one color in different layers. Your Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction specialist is experienced and skillful in creating this effect with water based stains.

With water based concrete stains, you also have the option of going with an effect that is NOT variegated or marbled. Perhaps you WANT a flat, bright color. Water based concrete stains come in a wide variety of bright colors that you could never achieve with acid based concrete stains. Water based stains typically come in dozens of colors, including white and black and even some metallic ones. It is even possible to etch a design into the concrete, and then “color” the design with a water based stain.

What Will My Color Look Like?

Even when treated with the exact same stain and the exact same application technique, no two stained concrete floors will look exactly alike. This is because of such factors as the age and composition of the concrete, how porous your concrete is, the texture of your concrete, and other environmental conditions. Your stained concrete floor will be unique as a piece of art, a “one of a kind”.

Usually the result is not a flat color, but the resulting color is more marbled and variegated in appearance. This ads to the beauty and broad appeal of stained concrete floors. Acid stained concrete floors are slightly less predictable than water based stained concrete floors because the acid stains rely upon a chemical reaction in order to create the resulting color.

Still, there are color charts to choose from when it comes time to select your stains. It is also helpful to review the gallery of photos from Highland Meadow and let our specialists know which color and which effect you would prefer. In some cases, our stained concrete flooring expert may decide to test the stain on an area of your floor that will not be visible, such as underneath a cabinet or in the corner of a closet, to see how it reacts to your particular concrete.



Colors can be manipulated also by our stained concrete flooring expert. Colors can be combined before application, or more than one color can be applied on top of another in layers, in order to get the effect that you desire. Typically, applying more layers will make the color deeper and richer. Therefore, if you show your Highland Meadows concrete specialist a picture of the desired look, they will know how to proceed in order to achieve that look. This is where the experience and skill of our trained professionals comes into play.

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