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As the best Dallas roofing company, Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction provides a full range of Dallas roofing services:

  • New Roof Installation
  • Emergency Roof Leak Repair
  • Dallas Roof Repair
  • Residential Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Modified Roofs
  • Composition Shingle
  • Hail Resistant Roofs
  • Attic Ventilation
  • 20 Year
  • 30 Year, 40 Year, & 50 Year
  • All Brands & Types


  • 25, 30 and 40 Year Shingle Roofs
  • Modified Roofs- Modified Bitumen roofing systems come either as 1, 2, or 3 ply. The type of substrate normally determines which system will be installed. Modified membranes are also able to be used along with roof materials that are built up (such as multiple plies of fiberglass felt). This in turn forms a "hybrid" roofing system. Modified roofs have proven performance for residential applications, as well as commercial and industrial applications.
  • Residential Dallas Metal Roofing and Metal Roof Repair- Protect your home for decades with the durability and beauty of Dallas metal roofing. Also save energy, enjoy homeowners discounts and tax incentives.
  • Hail Resistant Roofs- This is a cost saving technology made to withstand the brutal Texas hail storms, and has the added benefit of discounts on your homeowners insurance.

Our services are performed with quality workmanship, are guaranteed, and come with competitive warranties. Only the best of materials are used. It all starts with a visit from one of our trained and experienced roofing specialists. They will examine your roof in detail and then make suggestions of various roofing solutions that will match your home's appearance, provide the best protection, and will meet your financial needs as well. Are your goals to improve the appearance of your home? Are they to improve your energy efficiency? Are you looking for a long term solution that will last for many years to come? All of these factors will be taken into consideration.

Great quality services must be backed up by great quality materials and products. This is what makes us the best Dallas roofing company. We only use the best. Some Dallas roofing companies only put a temporary patch over a problem that will simply blow off during the next Dallas storm. Instead, with Highland Meadows, you will be investing in a lasting solution, at a very reasonable cost.

At Highland Meadows, we are the Dallas roofing company that offers the best combination of quality roofing materials, expert workmanship, friendly service, and fair pricing. Don't settle for less! Your roof is the very first line of defense against harsh Dallas weather, such as the scorching hot summer days that reach over 100 degrees for weeks on end, the icy and cold winter months, and of course the hail, wind, and electrical storms that are so common to Dallas. You simply cannot afford to have inferior Dallas roofing!

Whether your residential roof is flat, has a gradual slope, or a high pitch, Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction is the best Dallas roofing company to meet your roofing needs with experience, skill, knowledge, and affordability. No job is too big or too small for our services. We only use the highest quality of materials and products from trusted suppliers and reputable manufacturers.

As the best Dallas roofers, Highland Meadows offers a variety of solutions for your residential Dallas roofing needs. With such a wide medley of roofing systems and choices of materials available, it can be confusing for a homeowner to choose. It is important for us to understand the visual appearance that you prefer, any special features you are looking for, and consideration of your budget. Sometimes HOA (Homeowners Associations) have guidelines that restrict what kind of roof you are allowed to put on your home also. There are architectural considerations too. Our knowledgeable team members will be happy to assist you in making the best choice for your particular situation.


One of the most popular composition shingles is the thirty year dimensional shingle. This is also called a “laminated shingle” or an “architectural shingle”. It comes with a thirty year warranty and is different from the 20 year shingle because it is thicker and heavier. In fact, it was originally designed to imitate the look of the more expensive wood shingles and to provide greater visual appeal than the typical composition shingle. This “laminated shingle” also comes in forty and fifty year versions of the product. Each one is slightly thicker, but the appearance is otherwise the same. This is just one example of a quality product offered by Highland Meadows, as the best Dallas roofers.


Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction offers all brands and types of shingles. One brand that is commonly used because of its well known quality and innovation of products is GAF.

GAF is a trusted name in the manufacturing of quality roofing products because it is one of the oldest companies in its industry, founded back in 1886. Since then, GAF has become the largest manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing in North America, and the Number One selling brand. They were rated Number One in shingle quality by the “Hanley-Wood Study”. They also were rated Number One in innovation of shingles by the “Home Improvement Executive Study”.

In addition, GAF also is credited with offering a top of the line energy-efficient asphalt shingle, which comes available in a variety of rich colors. This product is called the Timberline® Cool Series. They also are proud winners of the Builder's choice Award and the Architects Choice For Excellence Award. They were given the honor of having their self-adhering roofing systems, called Freedom™ TPO, chosen as the Product of the Year by Commercial Building Products magazine. And, finally, their roof restoration system, called Fireshield®, was named “Best Product” by Buildings Magazine.

You can see why Highland Meadows is proud to offer GAF roofing products as an option for your Dallas roofing needs. With over 125 years of experience, and such innovative products, we feel confident adding their quality roofing solutions to our offerings.

Of course, at Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction, this is not the only type or brand of roofing system that we offer. Our specialists are experienced at repairing and installing ALL types of roofs. Our specialists will present you with a variety of options during their free consultation and roof evaluation.



Another example of a company that Highland Meadows is proud to work with and carry their line of products is Mueller. Mueller offers an outstanding product for residential metal roofs. They have been manufacturing metal roofs for over 75 years and have earned the reputation of being one of the most trusted names in the industry for residential metal roofing. Rather than outsourcing the manufacturing process to other countries that produce a cheaper quality of product, Mueller manufacturers all their own metal roofing products right here in the USA in their own plants. This allows for stringent quality control measures and a higher quality product as a result. Their metal panels come standard in 26 gauge commercial grade metal instead of the common weaker 29 gauge materials that most other metal roofing manufacturers offer. Some other outstanding features of Mueller includes:

  • Innovative paint system that offers a 30 year warranty.
  • Hail resistant (class 4 rating)
  • Fire resistant
  • Wind resistant up to 140 mph
  • A wide range of designer colors
  • Maintenance free
  • Energy efficient
  • Long life expectancy
  • Outstanding durability
  • Insurance savings


Many times we are able to install the panels directly onto an existing shingle roof, saving labor and disposal costs, as well as time.

Mueller roofs are also more resistant to fading in color over time. How is this possible? The strength of the resin in the roof's exterior coating plays an important role. The resins bind and protect the pigments of color and form a protective barrier against the elements and reflect solar radiation. Mueller has a highly advanced paint system that ensures the color and beauty of your metal roof will last. This high performance exterior coating provides very high solar reflectance and also reduces your cooling and heating bill. As an end result, your metal roofing will retain its color evenly for decades and remain much cooler at the same time. Most of their metal roofing products are energy star approved because of their superior energy efficiency.

Do to the high quality of metal roofing products offered by Mueller, we at Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction are proud to add their offerings to our menu. We also work with some very talented custom metal roofing designers and builders in the area who can custom create whatever metal roof you are seeking that may not be available in the conventional market.

For More Information, CLICK HERE to download the Mueller Metal Roofing Brochure!


You can help to make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly by improving your attic ventilation system. You can add more vents, such as solar powered vents, or a ridgeline vent. When replacing your roof, this is a good time for Highland Meadows to examine your attic ventilation and decide if you would like additional vents added. As the best Dallas roofers, we are interested in promoting a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient home. Our specialists at Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction will be happy to assist you. See for yourself why we are the best Dallas Roofing Company!