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With over 40 years of home building experience, Highland Meadows is qualified to care for all of your Dallas home remodeling needs. Our team of skilled, trained and experienced experts are standing by ready to assist you. We specialize in all types of Dallas home remodeling, from kitchen remodeling projects and bathroom remodeling projects all the way up to entire home makeovers. Our Dallas remodelers can help you realize your dreams. No job is too big or too small.

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom Addition or Bathroom Expansion
  • Family Room Addition
  • Attic Conversion or Garage Conversion
  • Garage Addition
  • Closed in Patios or Sunrooms
  • Window Replacements and Door Replacements- Energy Efficient
  • New Fence Installation
  • Adding a Deck
  • Trim- Base Molding, Crown Molding, etc
  • Install Fixtures – Lighting, Ceiling Fans, etc
  • Painting Interior and Exterior - Faux Finishes and Venetian Plaster, etc
  • Tile Work – Floors, Showers, Back Splashes, Counters, etc
  • Concrete Work – Stamped Concrete, Stained Concrete, Sidewalks, Patios, etc
  • Custom Cabinets in Office, Garage, Closets, Family Room, etc.
  • Adding Siding to Your House
  • Plumbing and Electric
  • Update Your Flooring With Beautiful Hard Wood, Marble, Tile, Cork or Stained Concrete
  • Residential and Commercial
  • Handyman Services and Repairs of All Types

There are many advantages to calling us today for all of your Dallas home remodeling needs. Here are just a few:

  • Give your home some flair and personalize it to YOUR taste.
  • Update it with modern amenities.
  • Eliminate unsafe conditions, such as old lead paint, asbestos, wiring that is out of date, and plumbing that is no longer up to code.
  • Make your home more energy efficient with new environmentally friendly products that will help to lower your utility bills.
  • Add to the value of your home and protect your investment.

Have you ever wondered if the Dallas home remodeling project you are considering is worth the investment? Remember, besides the advantages listed above, as well as any possible tax deductions or rebates you may qualify for, you will also recoup a percentage of the money you invested in the improvement if you ever sell your house.

When considering the average home remodeling cost, the kitchen remodeling cost, or the bathroom remodeling cost, the exact cost will depend upon a number of variables, such as your finish out, the size of your house, where you live, and the condition of your home. However, you can use the chart below to estimate the percentage of the investment that you can expect to recoup back if you ever sell your house. Also keep in mind that if you do NOT keep your home updated over the years, the house will continue to fall further and further behind in disrepair. All of the inefficient and outdated features will require you to sell your home for much less than the other houses in your area, or it may not sell at all.




Bathroom Addition: 50%-200%
Bathroom Remodel: 65%-75%
Minor Kitchen Remodel: 75%-90%
Major Kitchen Remodel: 60%-100%
Garage Addition: 50%-60%
Room Addition: 60%-80%
Door and/or Window Replacement: 55%-75%
Interior Face Lift: 50%-65%




For most families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. A welcoming, warm and modern kitchen can have an overwhelming positive impact on the entire feel of the home. The kitchen is not just where meals are prepared, but also where they are shared, where families converge, where homework gets done, and where everyone keeps track of comings and goings. A kitchen is a necessity and must be functional, but that doesn't mean that it has to look ultra utilitarian. Your family spends a lot of time there, gathering, talking, eating and even playing. So it should also be inviting and comfortable.

Every year, various Realtor groups conduct surveys to calculate a list of home improvements that add the most value to your house. Year after year, the top results are always the same – Kitchen remodeling is the home improvement job at the top of the list that adds the most value to your house. You can see that in the chart above as well. When you think about it, this does make sense, since the kitchen is often viewed as the most important room – the heartbeat of the home. In fact, it's estimated that you recover an average of 80% of your kitchen remodeling costs in the added value to your house, if you ever sell your home. Plus, a newly remodeled kitchen will make your house more likely to sell in the first place. A kitchen remodel has more impact than any other home improvement you can make.

So, whether you are seeking to make your house more marketable to sell quickly and for top dollar, or you just bought your home and want to add your own style and personality to it, or whether you have lived in your house for many years and want a new makeover, you can see that a kitchen remodeling project has widespread benefits.
There are many Dallas kitchen remodeling companies out there, but why take a chance with a company who is unreliable, overcharges, has shoddy craftsmanship, and poor customer service? Call only the best! Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction has the skill, expertise, quality of craftsmanship and years of experience that make us the best Dallas home remodeling company for all of your renovation projects.

You don't have to break the bank in order to make a dramatic difference in the convenience, functionality, appearance, traffic flow, and usable space of your kitchen. We offer minor kitchen face lifts that can have a big impact, such as resurfacing your cabinet doors and adding granite countertops. We also offer complete major kitchen makeovers to create the kitchen of your dreams from the ground up. Either way, your final completed new kitchen will take your breath away and far exceed your expectations, while staying within your budget! Basically, if you can imagine it, we can create it! This makes us the best Dallas home remodeling company.

Some of our wide range of services for kitchen remodeling projects include:

  • WALLS- Painting and finishing walls with designer and faux finishes, sheet rock repair, removing or opening up walls to add more space to the kitchen.
  • LIGHTING- The cosmetic appeal of your kitchen can be highlighted by the effective placement of beautiful new lighting fixtures. We also can add up-lighting on top of cabinets, or down-lighting underneath the cabinets. Even a new skylight can allow you to open up the area with bright light from outside, saving money on utility bills and enhancing the look of your kitchen.
  • COMPLETE CUSTOM KITCHEN REMODEL- Only trust the experienced Dallas remodelers at Highland Meadows for your custom kitchen remodeling project. Our specialists can create your vision from the ground up with quality of craftsmanship.
  • CABINETRY- We can either install new dynamic cabinets in cutting edge designs or we can upgrade your existing cabinets by refinishing only the doors.
  • COUNTER TOPS- Granite, Silestone (Quartz), Stained Concrete, tile, and all types. Next to upgrading your cabinets, installing a beautiful new counter top is the second best way to make a dramatic improvement to the visual appeal of your kitchen.
  • TILE BACK SPLASHES- Our talented workers at Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction are artists when it comes to designing and installing a beautiful tile back splash. Many choices to choose from.
  • FLOORING- Tile, marble, wood, stained concrete flooring, etc.
  • SINKS and FIXTURES- Upgrading to a new sink, porcelain or stainless steel, with a beautiful new elegant or modern faucet, is a great way to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction is one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in Dallas. Let us show you why. Contact us today for a free estimate!



Today's crazy and stressful pace of life makes it ever more important for the bathroom to be an inviting retreat... a place where we can go for peaceful personal time to relax and melt away the cares at the end of a long day. Sometimes we rely on our bathrooms to rejuvenate us first thing in the morning so we are ready to face another day. Not only should it be a pleasant and inspiring space, but also a functional one – one that will get a lot of use by every member in the family as well as guests and friends.

For this reason, bathroom remodeling is rated as the second most important Dallas home remodeling project that you could do to have the most impact on the overall value and marketability of your home, second only to a kitchen remodeling project. As can be seen from the chart above, it has been estimated that you can recover approximately 70% of your investment back when you undergo a Dallas bathroom remodeling. This upgrade makes your home more valuable on the market, and allows it to sell more quickly.

Certainly a Dallas bathroom remodeling project is not ONLY for those who are wanting to sell their home. The comfort of you and your family members is priceless, and the return on your investment for such a remodeling job will be daily as you relax and renew in your newly renovated bathroom. Enjoy a resort like spa environment right in your own home. Upgrading plumbing fixtures to more environmentally friendly options, such as low flush toilets and low flow aerators also carries the benefit of improving your daily energy efficiency and the savings that result. Whether you are wanting to increase the value of your home, make it able to sell quicker, or you just acquired the house and want to make improvements to add your own personal touch, or whether you have lived in your home for many years and just want an update, a Dallas bathroom remodeling project by Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction is a wonderful way to add value to your home and value to your home life. Call the best Dallas home remodeling company for all your home improvement needs. Contact us today!

Bathroom remodeling today includes replacing a room that was previously just a square box built for functionality ONLY, with a room that is now designed for luxury, comfort, beauty AND functionality. At Highland Meadows, we can even add on an entirely new bathroom where one did not exist before. New bathroom additions typically have a very high rate of recoup back whenever you sell your home. Depending on your situation, sometimes you can even recoup up to 200% of the cost of the investment . Whatever your specific needs are for your bathroom remodeling project, Highland Meadows is the best Dallas home remodeling company to assist you from the design and conception stages all the way to the completion and clean up afterwards. We will make your vision for relaxation, comfort, convenience and beauty all become a reality.

  • Bathroom Additions- Add a bathroom in a centrally located area for guests to utilize. For example, you can add a bathroom attached to a guest room to create a private guest suite. Or you may want to add an additional private bathroom for a mother-in-law suite or a private bathroom for one of your children. Teenagers especially appreciate having their own private bathroom. Another option is to give the kids the existing bathroom and create a new master bathroom for Mom and Dad. Increasing the number of bathrooms to your home definitely increases the value of your house and adds to the total amount of square feet as well.
  • Expansion- Perhaps the number of bathrooms in your home is sufficient, but the size of them is not. Is one of your bathrooms too cramped? At Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction, our skilled Dallas remodelers can expand your existing bathroom by borrowing space from a nearby garage, hallway, closet, or nearby room.
  • Fixtures- An attractive and varied range of bathtubs, sinks and shower units can be incorporated into your custom design plan and be installed professionally by our highly skilled bathroom remodeling team. Do you want a European free-standing bathtub? A claw foot bathtub? Whether your plans for bathroom remodeling include a bathtub, a separate shower stall or both, there is an extensive range of colors and designs available that can completely revitalize your bathroom.
  • Counter tops - A granite counter top, along with a new sink, can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your bathroom, providing an instant visual upgrade. Your existing vanity or cabinet can often be used and the new counter top can just be cut to fit. Highland Meadows offers a large selection of beautiful granite and marble options for your Dallas home remodeling project, as well as tile counters and stained concrete counters.
  • Walls - If you’re tired of plain paint or peeling outdated wallpaper, you might consider a designer faux wall finish in a fresh new color that will make your new bathroom look amazing. Perhaps you prefer an exquisite Venetian Plaster finish. Also not to be forgotten are various back splash options in tile and river rock that can be utilized for the bathroom walls as accents or around the tub and shower enclosures.
  • Storage and Vanity Cabinets - Nothing kills the beautiful look of a remodeled bathroom with new granite countertops quicker than cabinets with peeling paint, and an outdated vanity with insufficient storage and little visual appeal. Therefore, an effective bathroom remodeling plan must include, not only an upgrade to the countertops, but also convenient and practical storage solutions that are up to date and in pristine condition. If your existing cabinets are not sorely out of style, and they are sufficiently caring for all your storage needs and are structurally sound, then they may only need to be resurfaced. A new coat of paint or varnish, along with new hardware, can make them look like new. Or, you may choose to give them a new look by replacing just the doors to the cabinets, giving them an entirely fresh approach. New hardware and handles will go a long way in adding the final special touch. If your vanity is too out of date (even with new doors), or the storage capacity is not sufficient, then we can install entirely new vanities, cabinets and built-ins. Highland Meadows carpenters and designers are second to none in the Dallas home remodeling industry.
  • Floors - Floors can be finished with beautiful travertine, high quality ceramic tile, wood, or stained concrete to provide a finish that is attractive, water resistant and durable. Add warmth and beauty to your bathrooms by updating the flooring today.
  • Shower Enclosures - Convert your existing bathtub into a shower enclosure, or expand the size of your shower. Perhaps you would like to upgrade to a frameless shower enclosure. The possibilities are limitless!


At Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction, we offer an extensive range of Dallas bathroom remodeling options. All of our Dallas home remodeling services provide a blend of quality, durability and, of course, unique design. Our Dallas remodelers will take care of all of your home improvement projects to give your bathroom a complete makeover. We provide stunning designs and stellar results that you will enjoy for years to come!

Contact Highland Meadows Roofing and Construction today. Fill out the form on our website so that one of our consultants can speak with you about your renovation project. We look forward to hearing from you!