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Roofing Tips

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Dallas Roofing Tips

Here are some helpful tips from us at Dallas Best Roofers to safeguard your Dallas roof and prevent damage:

Look for leaks. All leaks start off small. If you can catch them while they are still just a small leak, then you can prevent them from becoming big. During the next rainstorm, take a flashlight into the attic and look at the underside of the roofing deck and the rafters. Carefully scan for any dripping water or possible leaks. If any are discovered, immediately call us to come out and ascertain the problem and make recommendations.

You do not have to wait until the next rainfall to inspect your home for possible roof leaks. Go from room to room in your house and examine the ceiling and walls for any stains that look like possible water damage. Be sure to open closets and look at the ceiling inside there (including your pantry and linen closets), and in the garage too.

Keep the branches of your trees trimmed away from your roof. During storms, branches can fall and land on your roof and cause damage. Even if they do not break off completely, the wind can beat them against your house. Imagine someone taking a baseball bat the size of a large tree branch and going up on your roof and beating it as hard as they can over and over again. That is exactly what the wind does with those tree branches. The wind can also scrape off the shingles and wear them down. If a tree is located too close to your house, then the only option may be to just remove it altogether. Consult a professional company for such services.

Keep your gutters and the valleys of your roof cleaned out from any leaves or sticks or litter that may accumulate there. Following the previous tip of keeping tree branches away from your house will help to minimize the build up in your gutters, but still you will want to inspect them from time to time. The wind frequently blows litter and leaves from neighboring trees into your gutters. This causes clogs that do not allow the water to drain. Therefore, the water spills over the gutters and accumulates on your roof.

Your Dallas roof deserves the best, and so do you. Call the best Dallas roofing company to handle all of your residential or commercial roofing needs. Fill out the form on our website to get started today!.

If your home needs more than a simple roof repair or maintenance service, and a new roof is really in order, then do NOT delay, even if you are in the middle of the cold winter or the storm season, thinking that it will be more favorable weather for the project if you just wait a few months. A few more months can mean a lot more damage. The price to replace a roof is really only a fraction of the cost that would result from the potential loss of your home's interior, possessions, furnishings, and even the health of your family if mold begins to grow.

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